Speaker at Oil, Gas and Petroleum Engineering 2022 - Raj Shekhar Mishra
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India
Title : Life Extension And Strengthening Of Offshore Platforms In Western Offshore


ONGC the National E&P Company of India, having its offshore activities in Western Offshore, Mumbai has the largest infrastructure base in terms of platforms and pipelines. As on date 322 no. of offshore structures, consisting of manned, unmanned and flare jackets are in use in the Western offshore. Offshore structures are designed normally for 20/25 years and their installation started in mid-seventies. As the fields are still on production and some of the jackets have already outlived their design life, the necessity of life extension for those jackets has arisen.

The service life of these ageing platforms are to be extended for a service life up to 2030 due to continued production and available reserve. Life extensions studies are required in order to extend the original service and to be in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. Furthermore, significant changes in loads due to updated code requirements and modifications in offshore have occurred.

This paper deals with mitigation measures   related to requalification and re-certification jobs of offshore oil & gas platform jacket structures carried out by IMR(Inspection Maintenance & Repairs),ONGC. The  structural Integrity assessments was done to document Structure Integrity with certain mitigation measures such as strengthening of 21 members in 10 jackets(HA-1,SR,SF,SG,SP,SQ.SE,SW,WIN & NM) by way of infill grouting and installation of X-brace Clamps at 2 joints in IA jacket. Thereafter Fit for Use certificates were obtained thus extending the life of such jackets.

IMR section of ONGC carried out timely completion of this job first time in India with its own marine spread which has resulted in further extension of life of these aging platforms in western offshore of India thus boosting oil & gas production till 2030.

Keywords:  Life Extension, Strengthening, Jackets, Requalification,Recertification

Audience Take Away:
Be familiar with the Structural Integrity of an offshore platform.                  

  • This will help the audience in the structural integrity of aging offshore oil & gas platforms and Extention of their design life by strengthening of members of jackets by high strength and high-pressure grout cement.


Sh. Raj Shekhar Mishra did his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Gorakhpur, India in 1988. He has More than thirty years of diversified experience in the oil and gas production field, associated with offshore as well as onshore operations of ONGC. Experience of working in India’s largest sour gas field in South Bassein in Mumbai Offshore at BPA process platform.

Presently working with Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs (IMR) group of ONGC and involved with Structural Repairs, Recertification, and Requalification of offshore jackets of ONGC in western offshore of India.

He has to his credit papers published “Material Challenges for prospective development of Deepwater oil and gas fields – an Indian scenario” Oral presentation in World CORCORAN ’09 at Mumbai in 2009. Poster presentation on ”Material Challenges in deepwater” in Prodcon’09 at Mumbai in June’2009.Paper presentation in the NDT conference.