Speaker at Oil, Gas and Petroleum Engineering 2022 - Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar
Kaferelsheikh University, Egypt
Title : Novelty multi-component for collecting floating oils on the surface of the sea using inflating-velvets textiles


In the use of woven textile structures for inflating-velvets textiles the thickness circuits is investigated. The advantages and limitations of single and multi-component for collecting floating oils on the surface of the sea using inflating-velvets textiles structures are analysed. The use of textile velvets woven textiles based conducting yarn and its characteristics are discussed. Details of the development of touch control woven fabric inflating-velvets textiles structures are illustrated. The developed multi-component testing the thickness of electronic are fully flexible structures retaining the unique characteristics of textile fabrics, novel solutions for improving the connectivity of conducting yarns in woven structures of layered and a method and device for the insertion of flexible inflating-velvets textiles structures circuits in woven fabric pockets. Results of testing and evaluation of the performance of the fabric multi-component inflating-velvets textiles structures the thickness of multi-component for collecting floating oils are also presented.

Keywords:  Multi-component, thickness, floating oils, inflating-velvets. 


Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar, Full-Professor of textiles Apparel, Kaferelsheikh University, Egypt. Born in 19 /8/1965. Have Ph.D. 2000, Msc.1995, Bsc.1989, Helwan University. Diploma1985advanced industrial textiles institute. He holds several academic administrative positions: Dean, Vice Dean, Head of Department, He has many textiles patents, Member of international scientific committees. Development of Faculties of Education commissioned of Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. Has design books published in Germany and Ukraine Has published over 235 scientific Articles. Editorial board member & Reviewer for more 225 journals, an organizer for more than 195 conferences and workshops over the world, Founder and editor two scientific journals. And Smartex Conference Egypt. Member of the editorial board of several international journals and conferences, He has made many scientific agreements with European &Africa universities