Speaker at Oil, Gas and Petroleum Engineering 2022 - Raj Shekhar Mishra
Raj Shekhar Mishra
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India


Sh. Raj Shekhar Mishra did his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Gorakhpur, India in 1988. He has More than thirty years of diversified experience in the oil and gas production field, associated with offshore as well as onshore operations of ONGC. Experience of working in India’s largest sour gas field in South Bassein in Mumbai Offshore at BPA process platform.

Presently working with Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs (IMR) group of ONGC and involved with Structural Repairs, Recertification, and Requalification of offshore jackets of ONGC in western offshore of India.

He has to his credit papers published “Material Challenges for prospective development of Deepwater oil and gas fields – an Indian scenario” Oral presentation in World CORCORAN ’09 at Mumbai in 2009. Poster presentation on ”Material Challenges in deepwater” in Prodcon’09 at Mumbai in June’2009.Paper presentation in the NDT conference.